“Built In America” is a documentary National Television Series that features cutting- edge companies that manufacture and produce products in the USA.

The TV Series is produced by a team of EMMY, TELLY and AEGIS Award-winning Journalists, Producers, Directors and Scriptwriters who approach each topic with passion and commitment to manufacturing in the USA.

It is our mandate to make the public and business sectors aware of the positive impact US organizations who manufacture in U.S.A have on the local and national communities.



STHIL - "Built In America"
Recognizing that the U.S. was one of the largest markets in the world, in the 1970’s the Stihl family decided to open a manufacturing facility in Virginia Beach, Va. The location’s close proximity to one of the country’s largest deep-water ports and its ready-to-work labor force made Virginia Beach the ideal location.
Goodman Manufacturing
Goodman Manufacturing - "Built In America"
For over 3 decades, the Goodman® brand has concentrated on something more important than simple brand-recognition consumer advertising. Since 1982, we've focused on helping millions & millions of homeowners achieve reliable, high-quality & affordable indoor comfort.
Kel-tec - "Built In America"
Kel-Tec CNC, Inc. is firmly committed to the innovation, development and production of original, unique, high-performance firearms. We are equally committed to the legal and responsible sale of our products.
Parker Bows
Parker Bows - "Built In America"
Parker manufactures Crossbows, Crossbow Accessories & Compound Bows. Each Crossbow & Compound Bow is Made in America and backed by an Industry Leading Lifetime Warranty.
TreadWright Tires - "Built In America"
TreadWright is a USA based manufacturer of high quality affordable remold tires. All of our tires are made in the USA with pride and an environmentally friendly process. When you buy from TreadWright you are buying factory direct.
Corelle® Dinnerware
Corelle® - "Built In America"
Corelle® dinnerware is made of Vitrelle® glass, a special kind of three-layer glass laminate initially intended for television screens in the 1940s. Vitrelle glass is extremely durable and lightweight.
Liberty Safe
Liberty Safe - "Built In America"
Liberty Safe is the #1 seller and largest producer of home and gun safes in the world. Liberty Safe builds more than 150,000 safes a year to meet high consumer demand for quality and security.
Scio Diamond
Scio Diamond - "Built In America"
Scio Diamond employs a patent-protected chemical deposition process to
produce high- quality, single-crystal diamonds in a controlled laboratory setting.
Taco Built in America
Taco - "Built In America"
Cranston, RI-based Taco, Inc. is a leading, privately-held U.S. developer and manufacturer of HVAC technology, pumps and hydronic -based heating and cooling equipment, systems and accessories ...
Taco Built in America
Simpson Strong-Tie - "Built In America"
For more than 50 years, Simpson Strong-Tie has focused on creating structural products that help people build safer and stronger homes and buildings.